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  • Create Date January 17, 2023
  • Last Updated January 18, 2023

Title: BoM-Undisputed

Filenames: CTF-BoM-Undisputed.unr, NiceShot.umx

Version: 1.0

Author: )BoM(X-Cellerator



Build Time: 2 weeks

)BoM( is back from the past. Our clan played 155/55 Lowgravity CTF pointing Instagib weapons.
Our server is up and running.
Trying to keep the creeps and hackers out.

Game play: CTF LGI Made for our 155/55 and 135/35 community if still out there.
This map is weapon equiped. There will be a DM version soon utilizing the entire map.
This map may also work well with our friends in the 100 class.

Player Count: Ideal for 6-14 players.


Copy CTF-BoM-Undisputed.unr to your UnrealTournamentMaps directory. Copy the NiceShot.umx in the UnrealTournamentmusic directory

There is a few textures from my new friend over at Woot

Authors may NOT use this level to build off of or to build additional levels. You're especially NOT allowed to exploit this level,
i.e. burn it onto CD or any electronic device that is sold for money or anything else without my permission! You MAY distribute
this level through any electronic network you wish, provided you MUST include this file with the distribution.

Enjoy )BoM( Map Creations.

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